Event App

“He got the whole wide event - in his hand”. An event app makes information, communication and interaction easy for both guests and organizers.

Event participants are getting used to always being updated about where to be and when to be there, receiving personalized reminders to make sure they don’t miss out on anything. We know you as an organizer not only want to meet these expectations but also impress your guests with a smooth and engaging event experience.

That’s why we in Tappin has developed one of the markets most functional event app solutions by listening to our clients and experience first hand what a good event experience is. Good communication along with making interaction and movement easy is key to a good event. We are also aware that you know your guests the best and therefore needs a system that makes it easy for you to tailor the event app to suit them and your needs.


With the Tappin Event App we are providing you with all the functionality you need to impress your guests and making the execution of the event easy for you as an organizer.

Here are some of the most important features of Tappin Event app:

  • All information gathered in one place
  • Personal or group based information
  • Program with possibility to build a personal agenda
  • Communication (in app, push notifications and SMS/e-mail)
  • Interaction
  • Network possibilities
  • Social feed / news feed
  • QR-tickets and vouchers
  • Exhibitor/partner presentation
  • Your own logo, graphics and colours
  • Web-app and/or native app

why choose Tappin Event app?

Interactivity made easy

Let the participants easily interact with the same app where they find everything else. Create quizzes, polls, ask for questions to the speaker or feedback about the event.


Social network

The event app can also function as a closed social network for the event. The participants can share images, ideas and comments with each other, creating an engagement that lasts even after the event itself.

An event app that fits in

Use your own colors, logo and graphics to make the event app fit in with the rest of the event.


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