Online event

When we have to meet separately, but want to experience the feeling of being together- Tappin Online Event provides a platform that gives access to more than just the live stream.

A digital event is so much more than a link to a neutral video meeting room with chat. We believe that to create a great digital event experience, you should offer more - on a platform that allows you to take ownership as an organizer.

Make it easy for the participant by offering one login to all aspects of the digital event, like the live streams on the main stage or break out rooms, background information and documents, partner presentations and a participant list that allows for networking. Tappin can also help you with the registration process and add an event app to coexist with the online platform to extend the event and cover all devices.


We want you to be able to offer your participants a professional and smooth digital event experience. The key is to make everything accessible from one platform that allows participants to easily navigate between the content you have to offer.

Some of the main features of the Tappin Online Event platform are:

  • Lobby with access to all parts of the event
  • Main stage
  • Break out rooms
  • Group rooms for video meetings for up to 50 participants
  • Interactivity (questions, comments, polls)
  • Information pages and document sharing
  • Partner presentations
  • Participant list
  • Tailor the platform to fit your brand with your own logo and colours

why choose Tappin for your digital event?

We want you to be able to organize a digital event that creates great experiences for the participants and makes it easy for you to do so. Here are three arguments on how we do it:

One single administration system

If you choose to combine Tappin Online Event with our registration- and/or event app solution - you manage it all from one single administration system. One login for everything makes it easier and saves you time as an organizer.


Streaming made easy

Regardless if you are streaming the event yourself or having a production company to help you, we will be able to display the stream on the Tappin Online platform. To obtain a professional result we advise you to use a production company and we will gladly help you to find a collaborator for your event.

Add your label to it!

As with all our solutions, our objective is that you should be able to take ownership of the platform in adding your label to your event and fill the platform with your colours and logo. This will make it familiar and true to your brand or event theme.


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