About the Registration

Tappin will help you to invite, gather the information you need and welcome your guests to your event. All in one solution - tailored to your needs!

What do you need to know about your guests? Is it enough knowing that they will attend, or do you also need information about their activity choices, arrival dates or transfers? Since all events are unique, the registration system you use needs to be flexible to fit them all.

With the Tappin registration system you can tailor the email invites and registration page to fit your needs.

Because we know the registration process is an important first impression of your events, we are offering the possibility and flexibility to adapt the registration with your brand by using your own graphics, colours and logo to match the rest of the event experience.


We offer plenty of possibilities for you to tailor your registration to fit anything from the more complex to the simplest events.

Some of the most important features are:

  • Registration page with your own colours, logo and content
  • Form builder with unlimited amounts of fields
  • Logic fields for a great participant experience
  • Payment (with card)
  • Communicate with invitees and registered participants by e-mail/SMS
  • Use Tappin QR Scanner app to keep track of participants that has arrived to your event

why choose Tappin Registration?

Here are three of many good arguments creating great value for you:

Put your label on it

First impressions are everything! Tappin registration allow you to choose your colours, logo and graphic to make the registration process fit the rest of your event.


Know who’s coming and who’s actually there

With our Tappin QR Scanner app, you can easily keep track of who is actually attending your event.

Need help? We got you!

Our Customer Success Manager can guide you through the entire process or help you with only the parts you need. We’ll gladly share our tips and tricks from our years of experience to make sure the registration process runs smoothly.

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