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Tappin – Your leading partner in event technology for healthcare events

Optimize your next health event with Tappin

Tappin is your ultimate solution for managing healthcare conferences, congresses and other events within the healthcare sector. With our advanced cloud-based platform, we aim to transform the way you plan, execute and evaluate events, by offering a seamless and holistic experience from start to finish.

Why choose Tappin for your healthcare event?

  • Tailored for the health sector: We have solid experience with well-known health conferences such as EHiN, FFN, Aging & Health, and the Patient Safety Conference. Our platform is adapted to the unique needs of healthcare events.
  • Hybrid event capabilities: By integrating both physical and digital elements into the events, we expand the reach and make important health information more accessible to all participants.
  • Improved participant engagement: Increase interaction and engagement among participants, wherever they are. Our innovative tools ensure an engaging experience for everyone.
  • Effective event planning and follow-up: From invitations to subsequent follow-up, our cloud-based solution simplifies all aspects of event management.

Practical examples of Tappin in use

  1. Invitation process: Create and distribute customized invitations easily.Invitation process: Design and distribute customized invitations quickly and efficiently.
  2. Engaging Digital Platforms: Our platforms offer interactive sessions and networking opportunities that keep both physical and digital participants engaged.
  3. Data insight and follow-up: By analyzing participant data, we can continuously improve the events and ensure the success of future health events.

Choose Tappin for:

  • Flexibility: Regardless of whether you arrange a hybrid, virtual or physical health event, our platform gives you full flexibility to adapt and scale your event.
  • Scalability: Our technology supports events of all sizes, and ensures high quality for both small meetings and large conferences.
  • Ease of use: With an intuitive interface, Tappin makes it easy for both organizers and attendees to maximize the event's potential.
  • Innovation: We are dedicated to constantly developing new functions that meet the changing needs of the healthcare sector.

Our Success Stories

  • EHiN – E-Health in Norway: By using Tappin to organize a hybrid event, EHiN was able to double the number of participants compared to previous physical events. This shows how our technology opens up greater accessibility and inclusion in the health sector.
  • Fragility Fracture Network Global Congress - brought together over 500 participants from a variety of countries around the world. This event is an important arena for the exchange of knowledge and best practice in the care of patients with fragility fractures. With such a diverse group of participants, it was crucial to offer a seamless experience that could accommodate different needs and expectations. Tappin's platform proved to be the perfect solution.

Take the next step with Tappin

Choose Tappin as your healthcare event partner and experience the difference by working with a team that truly understands your healthcare needs and challenges. Contact us today to discuss your next event!