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The future is Hybrid

Hybride arrangementer er den typen arrangementer som vokser raskest i dagens marked.
Hybrid events mix the best of the digital and physical worlds.

Hybrid events are growing rapidly in the modern market. They offer a unique combination of sustainability, inclusion and cost-effectiveness, gaining popularity by integrating both physical and digital participation.

Tappin is the ideal solution for such events, and allows you to flexibly mix elements from both physical the world with the best of it digital , thanks to a wide range of functions.

By arranging a hybrid event with Tappin, you ensure that digital participants get an experience equal to the physical ones, where they can acquire knowledge and network in the same way.

Invitation, registration and communication

Tappin gives you full control from start to finish - from registration to implementation and communication before, during and after the event.

Send out invitations in good time, and communicate with participants via e-mail and SMS. You can easily send out reminders and give access to a web app or digital event solution, all from one user-friendly interface.

Program planning and parallel sessions

ed Tappin, there are no limits to the number of parallel sessions or breakout rooms your event can have. Develop a clear and logical agenda with different tracks, including own parallels and breakout rooms with live streaming, video meeting rooms, webinars or on-demand videos.

Tappin's group management module allows participants to see only what is relevant, while also being able to customize their own agenda with our "My Calendar" function.

Group rooms and digital meeting rooms

With Tappin's functionality for group rooms and digital meeting rooms, you can divide participants into groups for group work or to follow parallel sessions in interactive rooms, where they can communicate with each other.


Make sure participants have all the necessary information. Publish customized information pages with text, images and videos. Use the merge function to customize the pages for each participant. Tappin's group management module allows you to control who sees certain information pages.

Games and entertainment

Engage participants with polls, polls or quizzes. Tappin's gamification module allows you to capture your participants' interest with entertaining quizzes and polls. Use the quiz module for knowledge testing, training or as pure entertainment, and show the results on a big screen or directly in the live stream to create engagement.

Sponsors, partners and exhibitors

Easily integrate sponsors, partners and exhibitors into the system, categorize them and present them with their own profiles. With Tappin, each sponsor can have their own Live Stream, promote themselves with text, images, videos and give the participants all the necessary information about their company, products and contact information.

Interactivity and networking

Tappin offers many opportunities for interactivity and networking. With Tappin's interactive news feed, participants can post comments and photos, interact with each other and participate in discussions.

With the 1-to-1 chat functionality, participants can have direct conversations with other participants, regardless of whether they are physically or digitally present at the event.

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