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EHiN – A success of Hybrid event management

    - chooses Tappin again

    Raises digital and physical participation to new heights

    When the E-health in Norway (EHiN) conference was first launched in 2014, the aim was to establish a cross-sector platform for e-health. Fast forward to 2023, EHiN has not only achieved this goal, but has also become the country's largest event dedicated to e-health, thanks in large part to its collaboration with Tappin, a leader in digital solutions.

    This year's EHiN event, held at X Meeting Point in Hellerudsletta, marked a new milestone. With over 2,800 participants—1,100 participating digitally and 1,700 attending in person—the conference showcased an impressive hybrid format. Its success was driven by Tappin's innovative digital platform, which enabled seamless integration of physical and digital participation.


    Tappin's central role in EHiN's development

    Tappin's involvement has been a game changer for EHIN. By adopting Tappin's digital event platform, EHIN organizers reshaped the conference experience. The platform's flexibility and user-friendly interface enabled several hundred presentations over seven parallel tracks, with close to 300 speakers and 90 exhibitors.

    The digital reach of EHiN, thanks to Tappin's platform, extended far beyond the physical boundaries of the site. It allowed participants who could not travel to Oslo to engage with the content, effectively doubling the event's reach compared to previous physical formats.


    A new era of accessibility and engagement in conferences

    Tappin's platform addressed a common challenge in traditional conferences: the inability to be present at multiple parallel sessions. Through Tappin, presentations were recorded and made available for later viewing, which significantly increased the value of participation. This feature was particularly well received, as indicated by the high number of post-event views.

    Furthermore, the platform enabled real-time interaction and networking among all participants, regardless of their mode of participation. Digital attendees could access all presentations, connect with other attendees, and interact with exhibitors, which mirrored the physical experience.


    Looking ahead: Tappin and EHiN's continued partnership

    The overwhelmingly positive feedback from the participants – 82 % of the physical participants and 86 % of the digital participants – speaks for the continuation of the hybrid form. Tappin's successful partnership with EHIN is set to continue, given its history of improving and expanding the reach of webinars and conferences.

    Nard Schreurs, EHIN's CEO, praises Tappin for their flexibility and commitment to delivering quality digital solutions, and emphasizes the partnership's crucial role in EHIN's evolution.

    An example to follow

    EHiN 2023 stands as an example to follow in terms of the effectiveness of hybrid events in expanding accessibility and enriching the conference experience. Tappin's role in this success story highlights the importance of adaptable digital platforms in the future of event management, especially in sectors such as eHealth where innovation is key. As EHiN continues to grow, the partnership with Tappin promises to bring even more ground-breaking developments in the years to come.

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