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Cultural expression Drammen: Hybrid festival over three days

    Photo: Cultural expression Drammen 2021 - both physical and digital implementation

    From physical, to digital, to hybrid. The planning of the event went through all scenarios and when Drammen opened up to the restrictions two weeks before the start, the organizer also opened up to a certain audience and went from a fully digital to a hybrid execution

    From 21.-23. In June, the very first one went Cultural expression Drammen of the stack. Three days filled with debates, artistic expressions, conversations, meetings, both in Drammen and on screen. There has been debate, discussion, but not least there has been dialogue across areas of interest, across sectors and across organisations.

    The event in brief:

    • 3 days
    • 6 scenes
    • 54 organizers
    • 80 events
    • 200 audience places in Drammen
    • Unlimited number of digital places

    Right from the start of the planning, we envisioned a digital version of Kulturytring Drammen, but when the infection situation tightened further in the spring of 2021, it was essential for us to be able to reach out to the public with the comprehensive program. Norwegian Cultural Forum, which is the initiator of Kulturytring Drammen, is a national organisation, and for us it was also a great value to be able to reach out to professionals and interested parties throughout the country, without them having to travel from their hometowns.
    - Hege Knarvik Sande, (former) general secretary of NOKU

    This was the case for the digital participants

    Everyone who participated digitally was sent a link and personal login to the Kulturytring Drammen platform. There they found all relevant information as well as a full and always updated program of what happened when. From the programme, they were given easy access to follow the live broadcasts from all 6 stages. In the interactivity feed next to the broadcasts, they were given the opportunity to submit questions to the stage and answer polls.

    During the day, recordings of previous broadcasts were posted so that it was easy to go back to see recordings of what they had to opt out of or missed earlier. In this way, each participant had the opportunity to constantly choose the content that was most relevant and interesting for the individual.

    This was the case for the physical participants

    All participants who were physically present in Drammen were sent a personal link to the Kulturytring Drammen web app. There they found the same relevant information and updated program as the digital participants, but in a mobile-friendly format. In addition, they found further information on how to get to Drammen and the various stages, as well as information and rules for infection control during the event. From the web app, participants in the hall could also submit questions, so that the moderator on stage got all questions collected in one place, regardless of whether they came from those at home or those in the hall.

    To keep track of who was present, the web app also contained a QR code that the participants showed for scanning at each event.

    This is how it was for NOKU as the organiser

    With the system from Tappin could OKAY easily communicate with all participants, regardless of whether they participated physically or digitally. Program and relevant information are automatically updated on both platform and web app from the same place, and it was possible for new participants to register along the way and automatically gain access to everything.

    Project managers from Tappin assisted NOKU during the implementation by ensuring that the scanning of the participants' QR code at all entrances worked as it should and that all live broadcasts were transmitted in the right place at the right time on the digital platform.

    NOKU experienced an immediate value in using Tappin for the implementation of this event. Tappin was chosen as supplier based on good experience from previous deliveries in addition to the fact that the price was competitive. It was also important for NOKU to choose a Norwegian-run company with personal follow-up and close contact.

    We found the collaboration with Tappin to be very good. We received good follow-up and help ahead of the event, and two from Tappin were present during the event. They greatly contributed to the implementation going as well as it did, in collaboration with the streaming company Godt sagt fra Drammen and us in the administration. Our personal contact from Tappin did far more than is expected, and was a positive contribution to the entire implementation of Kulturytring Drammen.
    - Hege Knarvik Sande, (former) general secretary of NOKU

    About planning hybrid events

    NOKU is clear that they will continue to plan and carry out hybrid events in the future even after the restrictions are gone.

    We plan hybrid events because it is expected to a greater extent now than in the past. Furthermore, it is important for us to reach out to the whole country, not only for Kulturytring Drammen, but also for other events organized by the Norwegian Cultural Forum. The value is that we reach more people, the public avoids traveling days, but you can still gather on a digital platform.
    - Hege Knarvik Sande, (former) general secretary of NOKU