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Tappin's delivery to the IAAF World Congress

    Tappin has in collaboration with KSCI delivered to the IAAF's World Congress in Oslo through its tailor-made event app for health events. With over 700 participants, the need for a seamless and integrated experience was more critical than ever. Tappin's event app has not only met but exceeded expectations by providing a number of essential features and services.

    IAAS 15th International Congress on Ambulatory Surgery

    Outstanding functionality and participant engagement

    At the heart of Tappin's event app was its comprehensive agenda with two parallels and over 85 sessions, allowing each participant to tailor their own daily schedule. This feature alone transformed how attendees navigated through the Congress' packed schedule, ensuring no one missed key sessions tailored to their interests and professional needs.

    The app's ticketing integration was also a critical component, offering easy access to the congress itself (via Tappin's integration with Checkin), prestigious events such as a reception in Oslo City Hall, an exclusive boat trip with a sailing ship on the Oslo Fjord, and the closing congress dinner. This allowed participants to manage their entry tickets digitally, which reduced paper use and simplified logistics.

    Tappin IAAF International Congress webapp mockups

    Furthermore, the app offered access to over 100 research abstracts, a comprehensive overview of sponsors, and detailed presentations of all 55 speakers. The interactive feature, which allowed questions from the audience directly to the stage, enhanced participant engagement and made each session more inclusive and interactive.

    Evaluation and standardization

    One of the most innovative aspects of Tappin's event app was its integration of evaluation according to European Accreditation Council on CME (EACCME)'s standards. This ensured that the educational content delivered met high international standards and provided participants with valuable CME points and certifications, which are essential for medical and academic professionals.

    Values for

    Efficiency improvement: Digitization of tickets and agendas reduces paper use and simplifies logistics.

    Engagement measurement: Built-in functionality for feedback and questions provides immediate insight into participant engagement and session quality.

    Standardized Evaluation: Adheres to international education standards, ensures quality and relevance in academic content.

    Values for the participant:

    Customized Learning: The opportunity to build a personal agenda and direct access to professional resources maximizes learning and engagement.

    Easy access: All necessary functions and materials available in a handheld device.

    Interactivity: Enhances the experience by allowing live interactions and feedback during the sessions.
    Tappin IAAF International Congress webapp
    Tappin IAAF International Congress webapp mockups


    Tappin's delivery of an event app to the IAAF's World Congress in Oslo shows how technology can improve and enrich the professional conference experience. By combining innovative technology with user-focused design, Tappin has not only met the logistical and educational needs of both organizers and participants, but has also improved the way knowledge is shared and experienced in international arenas.

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