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Tappin x Epicenter Oslo - A, future centric collaboration adding more magic to your event

    A new way of thinking

    In a world where technology and collaboration shape the future, Tappin and Epicenter Oslo have joined forces to enhance the experience of organizing and participating in events. This dynamic collaboration marks the beginning of a partnership where ideas and solutions create unique experiences.

    Epicenter – A home for innovation

    The innovation house, Epicenter, has established itself as a leading venue for events, collaboration, and innovation. It is where businesses come together to grow, build, and realize ideas that shape the future. With an environment that fosters networking and collaboration, Epicenter is the place where visionary companies and individuals find common ground.

    Tappin – Technology that simplifies and enriches

    Tappin, a pioneer in event technology, delivers customized app solutions to event organizers at Epicenter. Tappin's technology provides organizers with exceptional opportunities to enhance their events, from invitations and registration to scanning and printing name tags. Tappin's advanced web app promotes interactivity and engagement, enabling participants to have a more integrated and personalized experience.

    The core of collaboration

    This unique collaboration between Tappin and Epicenter Oslo is more than just a business deal; it is a fusion of two forward-thinking visions. Tappin's ability to offer state-of-the-art event solutions complements Epicenter's commitment to innovation and collaboration. Together, we provide a platform where companies can not only collaborate but also grow and explore new opportunities in an environment built for success.

    A forward-thinking vision

    Tappin and Epicenter see this collaboration as a springboard for future innovations. With Tappin's technology, Epicenter's clients can now enjoy an even more seamless and engaging event experience. From start to finish, Tappin's solutions offer a comprehensive package that improves every aspect of event management, allowing organizers to focus more on content and less on logistics.

    In a world constantly changing due to technology and innovation, the collaboration between Tappin and Epicenter Oslo represents a significant step forward. Together, we aim to transform how events are organized and experienced, setting a new standard for what is possible in event technology. With a shared vision of the future, Tappin and Epicenter are well-positioned to lead in this exciting new era.

    Examples of how an Epicenter Event app from Tappin can be used

    Examples of invitations and registration for events at Epicenter with Tappin

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    Reach out to Epicenter's Head of Event, Peter Vedenvik at peter@epicenteroslo.com.

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