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Tappin raises the participant experience for Infoteam Dagene

    When Infoteam, the Norwegian user association for Infors products, decided to organize this year's conference with the theme "Make a simpler working day", it was clear that digital solutions would play a key role in the success of the event. With a focus on innovative tools like Infor OS, it was critical that the conferencing app provider reflected this innovation and forward-thinking approach. Tappin was chosen for the task.

    What Tappin has delivered

    1. Complete Event app: With Tappin's app, participants gained access to all practical information from their handheld devices. From program details, venue times to speaker listings, everything was just a click away.
    2. Interactivity: The app allowed attendees to ask questions directly to speakers and provide real-time feedback.
    3. Network building: Through the app's function, the participants could connect with other participants, sponsors and speakers. This created an integrated networking experience, which increases the value of attending such a conference.
    4. Sponsored Content: Tappin's platform also offers the opportunity for sponsors to showcase their products and services directly in the app, giving them increased visibility.
    5. Custom Content: Based on the user's interests and preferences, the app could suggest relevant sessions, speakers and networking opportunities.

    Why Tappin improves the attendee experience

    A conference is not just about presentations and lectures. It is also about the experience. Tappin's app offering ensures that participants have a seamless, informed and engaging experience from start to finish.

    With a focus on ease of use, participants can quickly and easily access information, which is critical to getting the most out of the conference. Also, with opportunities for interaction, it is ensured that participants are not just passive observers, but active participants.

    In line with the conference's theme "Make a simpler working day", Tappin showed how the use of modern technology can simplify and improve how we work and communicate. By empowering attendees to connect, share insights, and interact with content in a meaningful way, Tappin raised the bar for what a conference experience can and should be.

    Overall, Tappin's delivery ensured that Infoteam Dagene was not only a meeting point to discuss Infor's products, but also a platform for innovation, learning and networking.

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