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Tappin with delivery to Military Women's Network

    Tappin AS, in collaboration with Militært Kvinnelig Nettverk (MKN), has delivered a seamless experience during their annual seminar at Akershus Fortress. The theme of the event was "Dare to be a Woman", and focused on identity, culture, the "24-hour human being" and diversity. This seminar marked an important step forward in the Norwegian Armed Forces' work with equality and career policy.

    Tappin's Role in the Arrangement

    Tappin played a critical role in delivering a range of services including registration, check-in, automatic badge printing, and an interactive event app. Our solutions ensured that the event ran smoothly from start to finish, and underlined our commitment to innovation and quality.

    Registration and Check-in

    Upon arrival, attendees made use of Tappin's intuitive registration system, which offered a quick and efficient check-in process. This system helped to reduce queues and waiting time, which created a positive first impression for the participants.

    Automatic Badge Printing

    Upon registration, the participants' name tags were automatically printed out, which contributed to a personal and professional touch. This system demonstrated Tappin's ability to integrate advanced technology to enhance the participant experience.

    The event app

    Tappin's event app was a critical component to the seminar's success. In the app, the participants found a detailed agenda, participant lists and important information. The app was also used for interaction between the hall and the stage, which provided a dynamic and engaging experience for the participants. On day two, during MKN's annual meeting, the app was used for voting, which highlighted its flexibility and ease of use.

    The collaboration between MKN and Tappin

    From planning to implementation, the collaboration between MKN and Tappin was characterized by mutual understanding and common goals. Our shared vision of creating an inclusive and interactive experience for the participants was central throughout the process.

    The planning phase

    During the planning phase, Tappin worked closely with MKN to understand their unique needs and goals for the event. This approach ensured that our solutions were tailored to meet MKN's specific requirements and expectations.

    The implementation phase

    During the event itself, Tappin's team was on hand to ensure that everything went as planned. We continuously monitored the systems to guarantee an uninterrupted and error-free experience. Our proactive approach helped to resolve any challenges quickly and efficiently.


    Tappin's collaboration with MKN during their annual seminar at Akershus Fortress was a brilliant demonstration of how technology can be used to improve networking events. We are proud to have contributed to the success of this important seminar, and look forward to future opportunities for collaboration. With Tappin, we strive to revolutionize event experiences, one event at a time.

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