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Tappin's co-founder, Ingar Hagen, selected to the Jury for Eventex.

    We are pleased to announce that our co-founder and product manager, Ingar Hagen, has been selected to be part of the jury for Eventex - the world's leading award for creativity and innovation in the event industry.

    Established in 2009, Eventex has grown to become a global phenomenon that attracts the most talented and creative minds in the event industry. The event is known for its prestigious awards ceremony that recognizes outstanding achievements and innovative solutions in event planning, marketing and technology. Being part of the jury for Eventex is not only an honor, but also a testament to expertise and recognition in the industry.

    For Ingar Hagen, this appointment represents recognition of his long-term efforts and contribution to the event technology industry. With over a decade of experience, Ingar has been a pioneer in developing and implementing technological solutions that have transformed the way we experience and engage in events. His innovative approach and insight into the industry's needs has been a driving force behind Tappin's success.

    As a leading player in event technology, Tappin has always been at the forefront of innovation. The company's ability to adapt and grow, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic, has proven to be crucial in meeting the new challenges and opportunities in a rapidly changing industry. Ingar's role in this transformation and his leadership have been key factors in shaping Tappin's future.

    As a member of the Eventex jury, Ingar Hagen will not only contribute his expertise and insight, but also have the opportunity to promote and recognize innovation and creativity on a global level. This marks an important moment for Tappin, which continues to set the standard for what is possible in the world of event technology.

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