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Tappin with delivery to Military Women's Network

    Tappin AS, in collaboration with Militært Kvinnelig Nettverk (MKN), has delivered a seamless experience during their annual seminar at Akershus Fortress. The theme of the event was "Dare to be a Woman", and focused on identity, culture, the "24-hour human being" and diversity. This seminar marked an important step forward in the Norwegian Armed Forces' work with equality and career policy. Tappin's Role in… Read More »Tappin with delivery to Military Women's Network

    Tappin's Solutions Takes Oslo Urban Week to New Heights

      Oslo Urban Week, an inspiring platform that acts as a workshop for modern urban development, recently concluded its annual gathering. With over 2,000 participants, 37 co-organizers and more than 80 sub-events, this was a grand initiative. Central to the seamless implementation was Tappin, a leading service provider specializing in event registration, web app development, check-in services, writing... Read More »Tappin's Solutions Takes Oslo Urban Week to New Heights

      Elkjøp Campus: A seamless digital experience with Tappin

        Elkjøp Campus is more than just an event; it is an investment in human resources and an experience designed to enrich skills, enhance competence and promote personal and professional growth. Elkjøp Campus, a four-week event, is a concrete demonstration of this investment.

        Cultural expression Drammen: Hybrid festival over three days

          From physical, to digital, to hybrid. The planning of the event covered all scenarios and when Drammen opened up to the restrictions two weeks before the start, the organizer also opened up to some of the public and went from a fully digital to a hybrid implementation From 21.-23. In June, the very first Kulturytring Drammen was launched. Three days filled with debates, artistic expressions,… Read More »Cultural expression Drammen: Hybrid festival over three days

          Act #ForNature

            The Ministry of Climate and Environment (KLD) wanted to hold an event in Oslo in connection with Climate and Environment Minister Sveinung Rotevatn's appointment as president of the UN Environment Assembly. The purpose was to plan the fifth environmental assembly, and discuss possible solutions and measures for nature together with civil society. From physical conference to a fully digital universe Our partner Gambit H+K proposed in… Read More »Act #ForNature